Tools offers some tools for you to customize your website or allow you to make your browsing more efficient by adding a plug-in to your browser. These tools are free of charge and can be used at will. Please see below for the various tools we have at your disposal. We strive to maintain those tools up-to-date and compatible with the latest versions of your web browsers.

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Dictionary browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox

The browser plugin lets you look up translations straight from your browser's search box (see highlighted area in the screenshot). You can start searching from any website (e.g. Google in the screenshot) without having to load our website.

Some services may already be preinstalled on your browser (e.g. Google, Yahoo…). Select from the list (e.g. the German-English dictionary in the screenshot), start typing your word and press enter.
The browser plug-in will be installed automatically. Select the desired language combination in the dropdown menu, then click on "Install".


Dictionary widget for your own website

You can add the dictionary widget to your own website. Adding the widget is similar to adding a YouTube video: After choosing your customized widget from the drop-down menu below, a code will be generated and displayed. Simply copy and embed the code into your website.

Once installed, anyone visiting your website can search for translations without having to leave your website. The widget will display the most popular translations.
You have three options to customize your widget. With the 'language' setting you choose in which language the widget will be displayed. In the 'dictionary' drop-down you can choose whether you want all dictionaries to be searchable within your widget or whether you prefer one particular dictionary. The 'size' setting allows you to define the width and height of the widget. Please note that a smaller widget allows less translations to be displayed. Once you have chosen your preferred settings click on generate code and your customized code will be displayed.




Language quiz widget for your own website

You can add any language quiz to your website. When you add a quiz, your users will be able to take the quiz on your website without opening a new window. At the end of each quiz, they will see the quiz result just as they would on our website.
The screenshot shows a quiz widget on a personal German website. As you can see, users will see the same information as on the website.

If you want to add a language quiz to your website, just click on the desired quiz. You will find the code in the left column (see highlighted area in the screenshot). Just copy the "embed quiz" code into your HTML file and you are done. Please note that the widget has a width of 400 pixels.

Dictionary toolbar for Firefox browser (Compatible Firefox 24)

The Firefox toolbar lets you look up translations straight from your browser by choosing the desired dictionary from the drop-down menu (see screenshot). You can start searching from any website without having to load the website. In addition, the toolbar provides search fields to Wikipedia and Google as further information resources.

Click here to add the the Firefox toolbar to your browser. dictionary Firefox toolbar

Would you rather have a look at our language apps, compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? Check the dedicated page for them.