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Arabic-English translation for "الظَلام"


"الظَلام" English translation

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جَلَسَ في الظَلامِ

to sit in the dark
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كانَت المَدينةُ غارِقةً في الظَلامِ

the city was plunged into darkness

‫أَوَدُّ أنْ أَعودَ قبل حُلولِ الظَلامِ‬

I'd like to get back in the light

غادَرَ عِنْدَما بَدَأَ الظَلامُ يَحُلُّ

he left as night was falling

لا يُمْكِنُ الرُؤْيةُ بِوُضوحٍ في هذا الظَلامِ الشَديدِ

it's too dark to see clearly

تحت جُنْحِ الظَلامِ

under the cover of night

بَدَأَ الظَلامُ يَحُلُّ

it is getting dark

في جِنْحِ الظَلامِ

under cover of darkness

غَشّاهُ الظَلامُ

to be surrounded by darkness

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