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"حَقَدَ" English translation

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حَقَدَ {verb}

حَقَدَ [ḥaqada] {vb} (also: أَحِنَ على, بَغَضَ, باغَضَ, حَقِدَ)

حَقِدَ {verb}

حَقِدَ [ḥaqada] {vb} (also: أَحِنَ على, بَغَضَ, باغَضَ, حَقَدَ)

حِقْد {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: اسْتِياء, امْتِعاض, سُخْط, بُغْض)

resentment {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: ضَغينة, سوء نيّةٍ, نِقْمة, نَقْمة)

spite {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: غِلّ, شَرّ, خُبْث, خَباثة)

malice {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: كُرْه, بُغْض, بَغْضاء, إبْغاض)

hatred {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: ضَغينة, حَفيظة, ضَغَن, نِقْمة)

grudge {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: ضَغينة, غِلّ)

rancour {noun} [Brit.]

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: ضَغينة, غِلّ)

rancor {noun} [Amer.]

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun} (also: ضَغينة)

ill will {noun}

حِقْد [ḥiqd] {noun}

venom (malice) {noun}

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حَقَدَ على شَخْصٍ بِسَبَبِ شَيْءٍ

to hold sth against sb

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