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Arabic-English translation for "خَجول"


"خَجول" English translation

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خَجول {adjective}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.}

coy (shy) {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.}

diffident (child, manner, smile) {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.} (also: مُنْطَوٍ على نَفْسِهِ)

retiring (nature, child) {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.}

self-conscious (shy) {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.}

sheepish (person) {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.} (also: مُسْتَحٍ)

shy (child, smile) {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.} (also: جافِل, مُحْتَشِم, خَجْلان, رِعْديد)

timid {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.} (also: خَجْلان, مُسْتَحٍ)

ashamed {adj.}

خَجول [ḵajūl] {adj.}

bashful (smile, schoolgirl) {adj.}
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