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Arabic-English translation for "خَرَف"


"خَرَف" English translation

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خَرَف {noun}

خَرَف [ḵaraf] {noun}

senility {noun}

خَرَف [ḵaraf] {noun} (also: عَتَه)

dementia {noun}

خَرَف [ḵaraf] {noun}

senile dementia {noun} [form.]
خَرِف {adjective}

خَرِف [ḵarif] {adj.}

demented (suffering from dementia) {adj.}

خَرِف [ḵarif] {adj.} (also: غَريب الأَطْوارِ)

dotty (old lady) {adj.} [Brit.] [coll.]

خَرِف [ḵarif] {adj.}

senile (person) {adj.}

شَيْخ خَرِف

a senile old man
خَرِفَ {verb}

خَرِفَ [ḵarifa] {vb} (also: خَرَّفَ)

خَرِفَ [ḵarifa] {vb} (also: فَنِدَ)

خَرَّفَ {verb}

خَرَّفَ [ḵarrafa] {vb} (also: خَرِفَ)

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