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Arabic-English translation for "سيّئ"

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"سيّئ" English translation

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سَيِّئ {adjective}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

foul (very bad) {adj.}

كانَ لَهُ مِزاجٌ سَيِّئٌ

to have a foul temper

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

ill-bred (behaviour) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: رَديء)

lousy (weather, job) {adj.} [coll.]

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: رَديء, عَديم الكَفاءةِ, ضَعيف)

poor (inferior) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: رَديء)

shabby (treatment, manner) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: خَبيث, رَديء, زَنيم, طالِح)

wicked {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: خَبيث, أَسْوَد, وَخيم)

evil {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: رَديء)

shocking (very bad) {adj.} [Brit.] [coll.]

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

ill (bad) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: مَيْئُوس مِنْهُ, غَيْر قادِر)

useless (incompetent) {adj.} [coll.]

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

bad (not good) {adj.}

كانَ هُناكَ حادِثٌ سَيِّئٌ تَسَبَّبَ في وُقوعِ عِدّةِ ضَحايا

there was a bad accident with several fatalities

كَثْرةُ الانْغِماسِ في أَيِّ شَيْءٍ أَمْرٌ سَيِّئٌ

too much indulgence in anything is bad

جِئْتَني في وَقْتٍ سَيِّئٍ

you've caught me at a bad time

هو خَطٌّ سَيِّئٌ جِدًّا

it's a very bad line

كانَ لَدَيْهِ صُداعٌ سَيِّئٌ

to have a bad head

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: شَديد)

bad (serious) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: مُضْطَرِب)

rough (weather) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

bad (unfavourable) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: ضارّ, مُضِرّ)

bad (harmful) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

bad (unacceptable) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: غَيْر مُناسِبٍ)

bad (unsuitable) {adj.}

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.} (also: رَديء)

cheesy (tacky) {adj.} [coll.]

سَيِّئ [sayyiʼ] {adj.}

filthy (weather) {adj.} [Brit.] [coll.]
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سارَت الخُطّةُ بِشَكْلٍ سَيِّئٍ للغايةِ

the plan went horribly wrong

تَمَّ التَعامُلُ مع القَضيّةِ بِشَكْلٍ سَيِّئٍ

the affair was badly handled

كُتِبَ الكِتابُ بِشَكْلٍ سَيِّئٍ

the book was badly written

رَأْيي فيهِ سَيِّئٌ

I rate him pretty low

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