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Arabic-English translation for "عَرَق"


"عَرَق" English translation

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عَرَق {noun}

عَرَق [ʻaraq] {noun} (also: رَشْح)

perspiration {noun}

عَرَق [ʻaraq] {noun}

arrack {noun}

عَرَق [ʻaraq] {noun}

sweat (perspiration) {noun}
عَرَقَ {verb}

عَرَقَ [ʻaraqa] {vb}

عَرِقَ {verb}

عَرِقَ [ʻariqa] {vb}

عَرِقَ [ʻariqa] {vb}

to sweat [sweated; sweat|sweated; sweat] (to perspire) {v.i.}
عَرَّقَ {verb}

عَرَّقَ [ʻarraqa] {vb} (also: أَعْرَقَ)

عِرْق {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] {noun}

vein (in rock) {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] {noun}

vein (in marble, cheese) {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] (أَصْل) {noun} (also: سُلالة, نَسَب)

descent {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] (جِذْر) {noun} (also: جِذْم, سِنْخ)

root {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] (وَرَقةٍ) {noun} (also: عَصَبيّة, تَوَتُّر, جَراءة)

nerve {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] {noun} (also: وِعاء دَمَويّ, وَريد)

blood vessel {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] {noun}

erg {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] {noun} (also: جِنْس)

race (human group) {noun}

عِرْق [ʻirq] {noun}

vein (on leaves) {noun}

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