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Arabic-English translation for "كَمَنَ"


"كَمَنَ" English translation

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كَمَنَ {verb}

كَمَنَ [kamana] {vb} (also: وَقَعَ)

to lie [lay; lied|lain; lied] (to exist, be found) {v.i.} [form.]

كَمَنَ [kamana] {vb}

to reside [resided|resided] (to be present in) {v.i.}

كَمَنَ [kamana] (الشَخْصُ) {vb} (also: أَبْطَنَ, أَجَنَّ, حَجَبَ, احْتَجَبَ)

كَمَنَ [kamana] (الشَخْصُ) {vb} (also: اعْتَصَمَ)

كَمَنَ [kamana] (الشَخْصُ) {vb} (also: تَخَبَّأَ, اخْتَبَأَ, تَذَرّى, تَسَتَّرَ)

كَمَنَ [kamana] (الشَيْءُ) {vb}

كَمَنَ [kamana] (الشَيْءُ) {vb}

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Context sentences

Context sentences for "كَمَنَ" in English

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كَمَنْ يَبيعُ الماءَ في حارةِ السَقّائينَ

like carrying coals to Newcastle

كَمن يبحث عن إبرة في كومة قَشّ.

It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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