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Chinese-English translation for "上升"


"上升" English translation

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上升 {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 高度, 海拔, 高地, 正面图)

elevation {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 电梯, 举起, 免费搭车, 提)

lift {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 起重, 举起, 提高, 吊装)

lifting {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 高地, 提出, 养殖, 募捐)

raise {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 上坡, 升级)

upgrade {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 上涨, 出现, 发生, 小山)

rises {pl}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 上涨, 增高, 起源, 发生)

rise {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 攀登, 爬, 爬升)

climb {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 攀登, (地位, 声望等的)提高, 上坡路)

ascent {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 耶稣升天)

ascension {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 徒步旅行, 增加, 长途步行, 提高)

hike {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 兴旺)

upbeat {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 抬起)

uplift {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 好转)

upturn {noun}

上升 [shàngshēng] {noun} (also: 高涨)

upswing {noun}

上升 {verb}

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 升起, 起立, 上涨, 起义)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 攀登, 爬, 攀上, 攀援)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 出现, 发生, )由...引起, 由...产生)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 远足, 徒步旅行, 提高, 飞起)

to hike {vb}

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 渴望, 追求, 有志于, 热望)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: (渐渐)上升, 升高, 攀登, 登高)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 逐步升高, 逐步增强, 使逐步上升, 迅速上升)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 起义, 暴动)

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb}

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 增长, 被兴建起来)

to go up {vb}

上升 [shàngshēng] {vb} (also: 走近, 上来, 发芽, 流行)


上升 [shànɡ shēnɡ] (also: 增长, 涨价)


to go up

上升 {adjective}

上升 [shànɡ shēnɡ] {adj.} (also: 上升的, 向上的)

ascending {adj.}

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Between… and… one can clearly see that the number of… has increased/decreased/stayed the same.


The number of… has risen/fallen in correlation to…


The number of… has increased/decreased/stayed the same.

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