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"公务员" English translation

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公务员 {noun}

公务员 [gōngwùyuán] {noun} (also: 官员, 行政官员, 行政人员)

official {noun}

公务员 [gōngwùyuán] {noun} (also: 平民, 民法专家, 文官)

civilian {noun}

公务员 [gōngwùyuán] {noun} (also: 仆人, 雇员, 信徒)

servant {noun}

公务员 [gōngwùyuán] {noun}

公务员 [gōngwùyuán] {noun}

公务员 [gōngwùyuán] {noun} (also: 有固定职业者, 政府雇员)

job-holder {noun}
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