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Chinese-English translation for "欺诈"


"欺诈" English translation

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欺诈 {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 骗子, 欺骗行为, 欺骗, 骗取)

cheat {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 欺骗, 欺诈行为, 诡计, 骗子)

fraud {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 欺骗, 不老实, 不诚实)

dishonesty {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 欺骗, 欺骗行为, 不老实, 谎言)

deceit {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 多项主张, 两重性, 搞两面派, 奸诈)

duplicity {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 行骗)

bunco {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 欺骗)

dupery {noun}

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun} (also: 愚弄, 捣鬼, 诡计)

hanky-panky {noun} [coll.]

欺诈 [qīzhà] {noun}

flimflam {noun}

欺诈 {verb}

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 环绕, 绕过, 以计胜过, 围绕)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 欺骗, 作弊, 骗取)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 欺骗, 行骗, 蒙蔽, 糊弄)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 骗取, 进行诈骗, 欺骗)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 游手好闲)

to rogue {vb}

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 诈骗, 行骗, 欺骗, 骗术)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 遮盖, 遮眼, 欺骗, 蒙蔽)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb} (also: 骗, 使上当)

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb}

欺诈 [rén zhì] {vb}

to flimflam {v.t.}

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