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"气质" English translation

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气质 {noun}

气质 [qìzhí] {noun} (also: 血, 血统, 宗族, 门第)

blood {noun}

气质 [qìzhí] {noun} (also: 习惯, 习性, 脾性)

habit {noun}

气质 [qìzhí] {noun} (also: 性情, 倾向, 排列, 部署)

disposition {noun}

气质 [qìzhí] {noun} (also: 性格, 性情, 资质, 易激动)

temperament {noun}

气质 [qìzhí] {noun} (also: 社会思潮, 道义, (个人、团体或民族)道德风貌, 思潮)

ethos {noun}

气质 {verb}

气质 [qì zhì] {vb} (also: 传下, 遗传, 下降, 下来)

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