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Chinese-English translation for "突破"


"突破" English translation

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突破 {noun}

突破 [tūpò] {noun}

突破 [tū pò] {noun} [sports]

breakthrough {noun} [sports]


to fulfil the zero (gold medal, medal, etc) breakthrough

突破 [tūpò] {noun}

breakthrough {noun}


突破 [tū pò]

突破 [tū pò] (also: 克服, 挣脱而出)


to break through

突破 {verb}

突破 [tūpò] {vb} (also: 穿透, 戳穿, 刺穿, 刺破)

突破 [tūpò] {vb} (also: 打破, 裂开, 违背, 破坏)

突破 [tūpò] {vb} (also: 打破, 裂开, 违背, 破坏)

突破 [tūpò] {vb} (also: 穿透, 戳穿, 刺穿, 刺破)

突破 [tūpò] {vb} (also: 突围)


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