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Chinese-English translation for "阴茎"


"阴茎" English translation

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阴茎 {noun}

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 生殖器)

sex {noun} [coll.]

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 性别, 性, 男人, 男性或女性)

sex {noun}

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 鸡巴, 家伙, (俗)侦探)

dick {noun} [Amer.] [coll.]

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 阳物, 雄性动物的生殖器)

penis {noun} [coll.]


dorsal nerve of penis (clitoris)


cavernous body of penis


suspensory ligament of penis


prepuce of penis

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} [anat.]

penis {pl} [anat.]

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 阳具)

penis {noun}

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 公鸡, 雄鸡, 龙头, 开关)

cock {noun}

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 侦探, 家伙, 鸡巴)

dick {noun} [coll.]

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 生殖器)

sexes {pl} [coll.]

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} (also: 啄木鸟, 鹤嘴锄, 阳物)

pecker {noun} [vulg.]

阴茎 [yīn jīnɡ] {noun} [anat.] (also: 阴蒂)

phallus {noun} [anat.]

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