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"首先" English translation

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首先 {adverb}

首先 [shǒuxiān] {adv.} (also: 最初, 第一(列举条目等用), 优先)

first {adv.}


to cast the first stone


first of all


in the first place


The implications of this research are manifold. First, … is critical because…

目前的研究也有实际影响。首先, ...有直观吸引力,很容易被战略家理解。

The current study has practical implications as well. First, intuitively appealing and is easily understood by strategists.

首先 [shǒuxiān] {adv.} (also: 首要地, 起初, 主要地, 根本上)

primarily {adv.}

首先 [shǒuxiān] {adv.} (also: 最重要)

above all {adv.}

首先 [shǒuxiān] {adv.}

首先 [shǒuxiān] {adv.}

首先 [shǒuxiān] {adv.}

first of all {adv.}

首先 {verb}

首先 [shǒu xiān] {vb} (also: 开始, 创建)


to begin with


To answer this question, we begin by taking a closer look at…

首先 [shǒu xiān] {vb}


首先 [shǒu xiān] (also: 尤其是)

首先 [shǒu xiān] (also: 尤其是)

首先 [shǒu xiān] (also: 一则, 举例说)


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Usage examples for "首先" in English

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I believe that there are several reasons. Firstly,… Secondly…


One can interpret the graph in several ways. Firstly it shows…


To answer this question, we begin by taking a closer look at…

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