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awakening: wakening · waking up

awaken: wake up · awake · arouse

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English-Arabic translation for "awakenings"

Showing results for "awakening". "awakenings" is currently not in our dictionary.

"awakenings" Arabic translation

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awakening {noun}

awakening {noun} (also: resurgence, revival)

صَحْوة [ṣaḥwa] {noun}

awakening {noun} (also: agitation, incitement, arousing, provocation)

إثارة [ʼiṯāra] {noun}

awakening {noun} (also: resuscitation, recovery)

إفاقة [ʼifāqa] {noun}

to awaken {verb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] (from sleep) {v.i.} (also: to rise, to awake, to get up, to surface)

اسْتَيْقَظَ [istayqaẓa] {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to arouse, to cause, to bring on)

بَعَثَ على (أَثارَ) {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to rise, to get up, to wake up)

أَصْبَحَ [ʼaṣbaḥa] (اسْتَيْقَظَ) {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to rouse, to wake up)

أَصْحى [ʼaṣḥā] {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to rise, to get up, to wake up)

اسْتَفاقَ [istafāqa] {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to wake up)

نَبَّهَ [nabbaha] (أَيْقَظَ) {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to arouse from sleep)

أَنْبَهَ [ʼanbaha] {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to come round, to wake up)

تَنَبَّهَ [tanabbaha] (اسْتَيْقَظَ) {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] {vb} (also: to raise, to wake)

أَنْهَضَ [ʼanhaḍa] {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] (from sleep) {v.t.} (also: to wake up, to awake, to knock up, to rouse)

أَيْقَظَ [ʼayqaẓa] {vb}

to awaken [awakened|awakened] (to stimulate) {v.t.} (also: to arouse, to awake, to bring up, to broach)

أَثارَ [ʼaṯāra] {vb}
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