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English-Arabic translation for "behind"


"behind" Arabic translation

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behind {noun}

behind {noun} (also: backside, buttocks)

دُبُر [dubur] (مُؤَخِّرة) {noun}

behind {noun} (also: backside, buttocks)

دُبْر [dubur] (مُؤَخِّرة) {noun}

behind {noun} (also: backside, rear, haunch)

عَجُز [ʻajuz] {noun}

behind {noun} (also: bottom, buttocks, posterior, haunch)

كَفَل [kafal] {noun}

behind {noun} [coll.] (also: backside, rear, seat, butt)

مُؤَخَّرة [muʼaḵḵara] {noun}

behind {noun} [anat.] (also: backside, bottom)

رِدْف [ridf] {noun} [anat.]

behind {adverb}

behind (to follow on) {adv.}

they followed on behind in their car

ساروا في الخَلْفِ بِسَيّارَتِهِمْ

the women that stayed behind

النِساء اللاّتي بَقينَ في الخَلْفِ

behind {preposition}

behind {prp.}

خَلْفَ [ḵalfa] {prp.}

the children trailed along behind their mother

مَشى الأَطْفالُ بِتَثاقُلٍ خلف أُمِّهِمْ

to leave a trail of destruction behind

خَلَّفَ وَراءَهُ الخَرابَ والدَمارَ

she tucked her hair behind her ears

وَضَعَتْ شَعْرَها خلف أُذُنَيْها

to throw one's weight behind a proposal

أَلْقى بِثِقْلِهِ خلف مُقْتَرَحٍ

don't do anything behind my back

لا تَلْعَبْ من خَلْفِ ظَهْري

behind (the chair, door, house) {prp.} (also: beyond, past)

وَراءَ [warāʼa] {prp.}

the troops penetrated far behind enemy lines

تَوَغَّلَت القوّاتُ إلى ما وَراءِ خُطوطِ العَدوِّ بِمَسافةٍ كَبيرةٍ

there is a serious message behind the comedy

هُناكَ رِسالةٌ جادّةٌ وراء الكوميدْيا

there is a tennis court behind the house

هُناكَ مَلْعَبُ تِنِس وراء المَنْزِلِ

what lay behind that sudden decision?

ماذا كانَ وراء ذلك القَرارِ المُفاجِئِ؟

they laugh at him behind his back

يَضْحَكونَ عَلَيْهِ من وَراءِ ظَهْرِهِ


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our manufacturing industry is in danger of being left behind

يُواجِهُ قِطاعُ التَصْنيعِ لَدَيْنا خَطَرَ التَخَلُّفِ عن الرَكْبِ

the country is falling behind its economic rivals

تَتَخَلَّفُ الدَوْلةُ عن مُواكَبةِ مُنافِسيها الاقْتِصاديّينَ

the country was lagging behind economically

كانَت البِلادُ في حالةِ تَأَخُّرٍ اقْتِصاديٍّ

the committee convened behind closed doors

تَجْتَمِعُ اللَجْنةُ في جَلْسةٍ مُغْلَقةٍ

he has three years' experience behind him

لَدَيْهِ خِبْرةُ ثَلاثِ سَنَواتٍ مَضَتْ

he was the brains behind the operation

كانَ العَقْلَ المُدَبِّرَ للعَمَليّةِ

he's way behind the rest of the class

هو مُتَأَخِّرٌ جِدًّا عن بَقيّةِ الصَفِّ

a politician hiding behind the mask of religion

سِياسيّ يَتَقَنَّعُ بِقِناعِ الدينِ

oh hell! I've left the keys behind

آهِ يا لَلْجَحيمِ! لَقَدْ تَرَكْتُ المَفاتيحَ هُناكَ

in his haste, he left them behind

في عَجَلَتِهِ، تَرَكَهُمْ وَراءَهُ

he glanced behind as he went out

أَلْقى نَظْرةً سَريعةً إلى الخَلْفِ عِنْدَما خَرَجَ

we're running behind schedule

نُحْنُ مُتَخَلِّفونَ عن الجَدْوَلِ الزَمَنيِّ

I was a few steps behind her

كُنْتُ خَلْفَها بِخَطَواتٍ قَليلةٍ

he stood behind me like a real man

وَقَفَ مَعي وَقْفةَ الرِجالِ

Please shut the door behind you.

من فضلك أغلق الباب خلفك.

to fall behind with rent

تَأَخَّرَ في دَفْعِ الإيجارِ

to leave the conflict behind

وَضَعَ النِزاعَ وَراءَهُ

to be behind the others

كانَ مُتَأَخِّراً عن الآخَرينَ

we're right behind you!

نَحْنُ نَدْعَمُكَ بِشَكْلٍ كامِلٍ!

who is standing behind them?

مَنْ يَقِفُ خَلْفَهُمْ؟

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