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English-Arabic translation for "colleague"


"colleague" Arabic translation

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colleague {noun}

colleague {noun} (also: teammate, schoolmate, classmate, co-worker)

زَميل [zamīl] {noun}

to mourn the death of a colleague

تَنَدَّمَ على مَوْتِ زَميلٍ

a former colleague of his

زَميل سابِق لَهُ

he's a colleague of yours

هو زَميلٌ لَكَ

colleague {noun} (also: partner, companion)

مُصاحِب [muṣāḥib] (مُرافِق) {noun}
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Context sentences for "colleague" in Arabic

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she was jealous of her husband's new female colleague

غارَتْ على زَوْجِها من زَميلَتِهِ الجَديدةِ

my colleague here will show you

سَيُبَيِّنُ لَكَ زَميلي هُنا

I'm a colleague of his

أنا أَحَدُ زُمَلائِهِ

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