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English-Arabic translation for "conversation"


"conversation" Arabic translation

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conversation {noun}

conversation {noun} (also: discussion, dialogue, exchange)

مُحاوَرة [muḥāwara] {noun}

conversation {noun} (also: speaking)

تَخاطُب [taḵāṭub] {noun}

conversation {noun} (also: talk)

مُخاطَبة [muḵāṭaba] (مُكالَمة) {noun}

conversation {noun}

سَمَر [samar] (حَديث لَيْليّ) {noun}

conversation {noun} (also: talk, discussion, call)

مُكالَمة [mukālama] {noun}

to have a telephone conversation

أَجْرى مُكالَمةً هاتِفيّةً

conversation (a talk) {noun} (also: talk, Hadith, discourse)

حَديث [ḥadīṯ] {noun}

to get into conversation with sb

دَخَلَ مع شَخْصٍ في حَديثٍ

conversation (talking) {noun} (also: talk)

مُحادَثة [muḥādaṯa] {noun}

to carry on a conversation with sb

كانَ في مُحادَثةٍ مع شَخْصٍ

to make polite conversation

أَجْرى مُحادَثةً وِدّيّةً

conversation {noun} (also: talking, talk, speaking)

تَحادُث [taḥāduṯ] (تَخابُر) {noun}

conversation {noun} (also: talk, discussion, debate, dialog)

حِوار [ḥiwār] {noun}

Context sentences

Context sentences for "conversation" in Arabic

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she tried to introduce the subject into the conversation

حاوَلَتْ أنْ تُثيرَ المَوْضوعَ أثناء المُحادَثةِ

he led the conversation to the subject of finance

وَجَّهَ المُحادَثةَ إلى مَوْضوعِ التَمْويلِ

to steer a conversation onto a different subject

حَوَّلَ المُحادَثةَ إلى مَوْضوعٍ مُخْتَلِفٍ

to strike up a conversation with sb

جاذَبَ شَخْصاً أَطْرافَ الحَديثِ

to have a conversation with sb

جاذَبَ شَخْصاً أَطْرافَ الحَديثِ

to insinuate oneself into a conversation

أَقْحَمَ نَفْسَهُ في النِقاشِ

the conversation turned to Noelle

تَحَوَّلَ الحَديثُ إلى نَوال

to draw sb into the conversation

أَشْرَكَ شَخْصاً في الحَديثِ

his remark killed the conversation

وَأَدَ تَعْليقَهُ الحَديثَ

your name came up in conversation

وَرَدَ اسْمُكَ في الحَديثِ

a break in the conversation

اسْتِراحة أثناء الحَديثِ

to have a conversation with sb

بادَلَ شَخْصاً الحَديثَ

he was the topic of conversation

كانَ مَحَطَّ الكَلامِ

a party to the conversation

طَرَف في المُحادَثةِ

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