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"device" Arabic translation

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device {noun}

device {noun} (also: grenade, shell)

قُنْبُلة [qunbula] {noun}

device {noun} (also: tool, machine, gadget, appliance)

آلة [ʼāla] {noun}

device {noun} (also: stratagem, dodge, gimmick, ploy)

حيلة [ḥīla] {noun}

device {noun} (also: coat of arms, logotype)

شِعار [šiʻār] (عَلامة) {noun}

device (stratagem) {noun} (also: tool, means, medium)

وَسيلة [wasīla] {noun}

device (tool, gadget) {noun} (also: machine, appliance, apparatus, service)

جِهاز [jihāz] {noun}

device (tool, gadget) {noun} (also: tool, utensil, implement, instrument)

أَداة [ʼadāh] {noun}

device {noun} [techn.] (also: gadget, appliance, machine)

جَهاز [jihāz] {noun} [techn.]


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Stressing also the pressing need to urge non-State actors to halt immediately and unconditionally new deployments of mines and other associated explosive devices,

وإذ تؤكد أيضا الحاجة الملحة إلى حث الجهات الفاعلة من غير الدول على أن توقف فورا ودون شروط العمليات الجديدة لنشر الألغام والأجهزة المتفجرة الأخرى المرتبطة بها،

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