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English-Arabic translation for "escape"


"escape" Arabic translation

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escape {noun}

escape (from danger) {noun}

نَجاة [najāh] {noun}

escape {noun}

حيص [ḥīṣ] {noun}

escape (from prison, captivity) {noun} (also: getaway, flight)

فِرار [firār] {noun}

escape (from prison, captivity) {noun} (also: break, jailbreak, getaway, flight)

هُروب [hurūb] {noun}

escape {noun}

حَيْص [ḥīṣ] {noun}

escape (of gas, air) {noun} (also: spillage, leakage, infiltration, leak)

تَسَرُّب [tasarrub] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: place of refuge)

مَحيص [maḥīṣ] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: way out)

مَخْرَج [maḵraj] (مَفَرّ) {noun}

escape {noun}

مَعْدى [maʻdā] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: flight)

فَرّ [farr] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: release)

فَكاك [fakāk] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: release)

فِكاك [fakāk] {noun}

escape {noun}

إفْلات [ʼiflāt] {noun}

escape {noun}

انْفِلات [infilāt] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: deliverance)

اسْتِنْجاء [istinjāʼ] (خَلاص) {noun}

escape {noun} (also: alternative, getaway, avoidance, way out)

مَناص [manāṣ] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: break, jailbreak)

هَرَب [harab] {noun}

escape {noun} (also: way out)

مَهْرَب [mahrab] (مَخْرَج) {noun}

escape (computer key) {noun} (also: escape key)

to escape {verb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to evade, to elude, to dodge, to run away)

to escape [escaped|escaped] (capture, the police) {v.t.} (also: to elope, to abscond, to break out, to defect)

هَرَبَ [haraba] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] (capture, the police) {v.t.} (also: to flee, to run off, to make off, to abscond)

فَرَّ [farra] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] (sb's notice, detection) {v.t.} (also: to keep away, to steer clear, to avoid, to dodge)

تَجَنَّبَ [tajannaba] {vb}
أَبَقَ [ʼabaqa] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] (liquid, air) {v.i.} (also: to penetrate, to drain, to filter, to leak)

تَسَرَّبَ [tasarraba] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to flee)

حاصَ [ḥāṣa] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] (to get away) {v.i.} (also: to elope, to abscond, to break out, to defect)

هَرَبَ [haraba] {vb}
سَلِمَ [salima] (من خَطَرٍ) {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] (to get away) {v.i.} (also: to flee, to run off, to make off, to abscond)

فَرَّ [farra] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to slip)

فَرَطَ [faraṭa] (أَفْلَتَ) {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to get away, to run away, to evade, to slip out)

فَلَتَ [falata] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to break out, to get away, to break free)

أَفْلَتَ [ʼaflata] (هَرَبَ) {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to break loose)

تَفَلَّتَ [tafallata] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to come off, to get away, to come loose, to slip)

انْفَلَتَ [infalata] {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to elude, to miss, to pass by)

فاتَ [fāta] (تَجاوَزَ) {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to save oneself, to be saved, to be rescued)

نَجا [najā] (خَلَصَ) {vb}

He narrowly escaped death.

.نجا من الموت بأعجوبة

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to manage, to cope, to be saved, to be rescued)

اسْتَنْجى [istanjā] (سَلِمَ) {vb}

to escape [escaped|escaped] {vb} (also: to flee)

نَدَّ [nadda] {vb}


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He attempted to escape.

حاول الهروب.

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