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fish {noun}

fish {noun} [gastro.]

سَمَك [samak] {noun} [gastro.]

they do an excellent fish soup

يُقَدِّمونَ حَساءَ سَمَكٍ مُمْتازاً

fish {noun} [zool.]

سَمَك [samak] {noun} [zool.]

fish {noun} [zool.] (also: whale)

حوت [ḥūt] {noun} [zool.]

fish {adjective}

fish {adj.}

سَمَكيّ [samakiyy] {adj.}

to fish {verb}

صادَ [ṣāda] (قَنَصَ) {vb}

to fish [fished|fished] {vb} (also: to trap, to chase, to hunt)

تَصَيَّدَ [taṣayyada] {vb}

to fish [fished|fished] (for a response) {v.i.} (also: to cast about, to research, to dig, to examine)

بَحَثَ [baḥaṯa] {vb}

to fish for compliments

بَحَثَ عن المُجامَلاتِ

to fish for information

بَحَثَ عن مَعْلوماتٍ

to fish [fished|fished] (in fishing) {v.i.} (also: to trap, to catch, to hunt, to land)

اصْطادَ [iṣṭāda] {vb}


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fish features prominently on the menu

يَظْهَرُ السَمَكُ بِصورةٍ بارِزةٍ في قائِمةِ الطَعامِ

fish is better for you than meat

السَمَكُ أَحْسَنُ لِصِحَّتِكَ من اللَحْمِ

I'd prefer meat to fish.

أفضّل اللحم على السمك.

Do you think fish can hear?

هل تظن أن السمك يسمع؟

this fish is overdone

هذا السَمَكُ مَطْهوٌّ أَكْثَرَ من اللازِمِ

to taste like fish

كانَ طَعْمُهُ يُشْبِهُ طَعْمَ السَمَكِ

Fish is cheap today.

السمك رخيص اليوم.

Do you like eating fish?

هل تحب أكل السمك؟

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