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English-Arabic translation for "frankness"


"frankness" Arabic translation

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frankness {noun}

frankness {noun} (also: candor, clarity, clearness)

خُلوص [ḵulūṣ] {noun}

frankness {noun} (also: sincerity, candour, honesty, open-heartedness)

صَراحة [ṣarāḥa] (اسْتِقامة) {noun}

frankness {noun} (also: sincerity, candour, honesty, open-heartedness)

مُصارَحة [muṣāraḥa] {noun}

frankness {noun} (also: openness, confession, revelation)

مُكاشَفة [mukāšafa] {noun}

Frank {noun}

Frank {noun} [hist.]

إفْرِنْجيّ [ʼifrinjiyy] {noun} [hist.]

frank {adjective}

frank (discussion, admission) {adj.} (also: honest, avowed, candid, communicative)

صَريح [ṣarīḥ] {adj.}

frank {adj.} (also: warm, candid, faithful, heartfelt)

صادِق [ṣādiq] (مُخْلِص) {adj.}
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Synonyms (English) for "frankness":

Synonyms (English) for "frank":


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