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English-Arabic translation for "great"


"great" Arabic translation

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great {noun}

great {noun}

great {adjective}

great {adj.} (also: powerful, huge, mighty, all-powerful)

جَبّار [jabbār] {adj.}

great {adj.} (also: super, exciting, interesting)

شَيِّق [šayyiq] (مُثير) {adj.}

great {adj.} (also: immense, enormous, huge)

طائِل [ṭāʼil] {adj.}

great (as intensifier) {adj.} (also: glorious, august, capital, fine)

عَظيم [ʻaẓīm] {adj.}

great (as intensifier) {adj.} (also: monstrous, almighty, colossal, dramatic)

هائِل [hāʼil] {adj.}

great (excitement, surprise, tragedy, heat) {adj.} (also: large, big, broad, major)

كَبير [kabīr] {adj.}

Bearing in mind the importance of regular national reporting, which could greatly facilitate the rendering of international cooperation and assistance to affected States,

وإذ تضع في اعتبارها أهمية تقديم تقارير وطنية بانتظام، الأمر الذي من شأنه أن ييسر إلى حد كبير التعاون الدولي وتقديم المساعدة الدولية للدول المتضررة،

great (fan) {adj.} (also: passionate, enthusiastic, fanatic, eager)

مُتَحَمِّس [mutaḥammis] {adj.}

great (large) {adj.} (also: large, big, broad, major)

كَبير [kabīr] {adj.}

great (opportunity) {adj.} (also: glorious, august, capital, fine)

عَظيم [ʻaẓīm] {adj.}

great (outstanding) {adj.} (also: glorious, august, capital, fine)

عَظيم [ʻaẓīm] {adj.}

great (enthusiastic) {adj.} [coll.] (also: gluttonous, greedy, voracious)

نَهِم [nahim] {adj.}

great (excellent) {adj.} [coll.] (also: excellent, brill, incredible, grand)

رائِع [rāʼiʻ] {adj.}

Great weather, isn't it?

إنه جو رائع ، أليس كذلك؟

great (talented) {adj.} [coll.] (also: skilled, able, accomplished, adept)

ماهِر [māhir] {adj.}

great {adverb}

great (well) {adv.} [coll.]



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Cancer is a great enemy of humanity.

مرض السرطان هو عدو البشريه الأكبر

Your plan sounds great.

تبدو خطتك جيدة.

Allah is the greatest!

الله أكبر!

Wishing to promote cooperation between the United Nations and the Regional Centre on Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Great Lakes Region, the Horn of Africa and Bordering States,

إذ ترغب في تعزيز التعاون بين الأمم المتحدة والمركز الإقليمي المعني بالأسلحة الصغيرة والأسلحة الخفيفة في منطقة البحيرات الكبرى والقرن الأفريقي والدول المتاخمة،

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