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husband {noun}

EN husband

بَعْل [baʻl] {noun}
حَليل [ḥalīl] {noun}
husband (also: spouse, twosome, couple, pair)
زَوْج [zawj] {m}
husband (also: wife)
عَشير [ʻašīr] {noun} (عِرْس)
husband (also: spouse, wife)
عِرْس [ʻirs] {noun}
قَرين [qarīn] {noun} (زَوْج)

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Context sentences for "husband" in Arabic

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Englishthe wife requested the judge to declare her husband legally incompetent
طَلَبَت الزَوْجةُ من القاضي أنْ يَحْجُرَ على زَوْجِها
Englishshe reserves her fiercest criticism for her ex-husband
تَخُصُّ زَوْجَها السابِقَ بِأَعْنَفِ انْتِقاداتِها
Englishthis is a picture of my late husband, may he rest in peace
هذه صورةُ زَوْجي المَرْحومِ، اللهُ رَحِمَهُ
Englishshe was jealous of her husband's new female colleague
غارَتْ على زَوْجِها من زَميلَتِهِ الجَديدةِ
EnglishI'm a vegetarian but my husband is a meat eater
أنا نَباتيّةٌ وَلَكِنَّ زَوْجي يَأْكُلُ اللُحومَ
Englishher husband has been missing since the war
زَوْجُها مَفْقودٌ منذ الحَرْبِ
Englishshe asked her husband to divorce her
طَلَبَتْ من زَوْجِها الطَلاقَ
Englishher husband is famous in his own right
زَوْجُها مَشْهورٌ بِذاتِهِ
Englishhe'll make sb a good husband
سَيَكونُ زَوْجاً جَيِّداً لِشَخْصٍ
Englishshe turned away from her husband
Englishshe used her husband's name
حَمَلَت اسْمَ زَوْجِها
EnglishShe disliked her husband.
EnglishShe divorced her husband.
Englishshe left her husband
Englishshe lost her husband
Englishshe left het husband