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"master" Arabic translation

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master {noun}

master {noun}

عَريف [ʻarīf] (سَيِّد) {noun}

master {noun} (also: scholar, expert)

عَلاّمة [ʻallāma] {noun}

master (in chess, bridge etc) {noun} (also: teacher, fellow, master, professor)

أُسْتاذ [ʼustāḏ] {noun}

an international grand master

أُسْتاذ دُوَليّ كَبير

master (man in charge) {noun} (also: Mr, gent, gentleman, master)

سَيِّد [sayyid] {noun}

to be master of the situation

كانَ سَيِّدَ المَوْقِفِ

master (of a ship, boat) {noun} (also: cox, commander, captain, skipper)

رُبّان [rubbān] {noun}

master (primary teacher) {noun} (also: teacher, mentor, instructor, schoolmaster)

مُعَلِّم [muʻallim] {noun}

master (secondary teacher) {noun} (also: teacher, fellow, master, professor)

أُسْتاذ [ʼustāḏ] {noun}

master (title of a young man) {noun} [oldfsh.] (also: Mr, gent, gentleman, master)

سَيِّد [sayyid] {noun}

master {noun} [rel.] (also: professor, teacher)

شَيْخ [šayḵ] {noun} [rel.]

master {noun} (also: original)

master {noun} (also: master's, Master's degree)

ماجِسْتير [mājistīr] {noun}

master {noun} (also: superior, commander, warden)

آمِر [ʼāmir] {noun}

master {noun} (also: expert, great scholar)

جَهْبَذ [jahbaḏ] {noun}

master {noun} (also: expert, great scholar)

جِهْبِذ [jahbaḏ] {noun}

master {noun} (also: sovereign, king, leader, chief)

صاحِب [ṣāḥib] (مالِك) {noun}

to master {verb}

to master [mastered|mastered] (to learn) {v.t.} (also: to excel)

بَرَعَ [baraʻa] {vb}

to master the complexities of tax system

بَرَعَ في فَهْمِ تَعْقيداتِ نِظامِ الضَرائِبِ

to master [mastered|mastered] {vb} (also: to know well, to be skillful in)

أَتْقَنَ [ʼatqana] (أَجادَ) {vb}

to master [mastered|mastered] {vb} (also: to know well, to be skilled, to offer)

أَجادَ [ʼajāda] {vb}

to master [mastered|mastered] {vb} (also: to be proficient, to be skilful, to be skilled)

حَذَقَ [ḥaḏaqa] (أَتْقَنَ) {vb}

to master [mastered|mastered] {vb} (also: to be proficient, to be skilful, to be skilled)

حَذِقَ [ḥaḏaqa] (أَتْقَنَ) {vb}

to master [mastered|mastered] {vb} (also: to be good at, to know how to)

أَحْسَنَ [ʼaḥsana] (أَجادَ) {vb}

to master [mastered|mastered] {vb} (also: to do well, to be proficient in)

أَحْكَمَ [ʼaḥkama] (أَتْقَنَ) {vb}

to master [mastered|mastered] (to control) {v.t.} (also: to control, to dominate, to govern, to hold)

سَيْطَرَ [sayṭara] {vb}


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to be master in one's own house

كانَ سَيِّداً في بَيْتِهِ

to be working on one's Master's

كانَ يَدْرُسُ الماجِسْتير

to be absolute master

كانَ الآمِرَ الناهِيَ

he is a master of art

هو من أَساطينِ الفَنِّ

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