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quick {adjective}

quick {adj.} (also: short)

عابِر [ʻābir] (عارِض) {adj.}

quick {adj.} (also: pressing, urgent, emergency, immediate)

عاجِل [ʻājil] {adj.}

quick (break) {adj.} (also: little, short)

قَصير [qaṣīr] {adj.}

quick (clever) {adj.}

quick (clever) {adj.} (also: astute, brainy, clever, intelligent)

ذَكيّ [ḏakiyy] {adj.}

quick (speedy) {adj.} (also: brisk, express, fast, hasty)

سَريع [sarīʻ] {adj.}

they had three children in quick succession

أَنْجَبوا ثَلاثةَ أَطْفالٍ في تَتابُعٍ سَريعٍ

we need to make a quick decision

‫نَحْنُ في حاجةٍ إلى اتِّخاذِ قَرارٍ سَريعٍ‬

to be very quick-tempered

كانَ سَريعَ الغَضَبِ جِدًّا

to be very quick-witted

كانَ سَريعَ البَديهةِ جِدًّا

to have a quick wit

كانَ سَريعَ البَديهةِ

quick {adj.} (also: rapid, fast, strenuous)

حَثيث [ḥaṯīṯ] {adj.}

quick {adj.} (also: light, feathery)

ذَفيف [ḏafīf] {adj.}

quick {noun}



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the events happened in quick succession

تَواتَرَت الأَحْداثُ بِشَكْلٍ مُتَسارِعٍ

events came in quick succession

تَتابَعَت الأَحْداثُ بِسُرْعةٍ

she's very quick on the uptake

هي سَريعةُ الاسْتيعابِ جِدًّا

that called for quick action

اُضْطُرَّ ذلك إلى اتِّخاذِ إجْراءاتٍ سَريعةٍ

to give one's hair a quick brush

مَشَّطَ شَعْرَهُ بِسُرْعةٍ

I had a quick read of it

قَرَأْتُهُ قِراءةً سَريعةً

and be quick about it!

وَأَسْرِعْ في القِيامِ بِهِ!

to cut sb to the quick

أَصابَ من شَخْصٍ المَقْتَلَ

she's a quick worker

تَعْمَلُ بِسُرْعةٍ

Quick, run after him.

.بسرعة ، إلحق به

to make a quick recovery

تَعافى بِسُرْعةٍ

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