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English-Arabic translation for "shove"


"shove" Arabic translation

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shove {noun}

shove {noun} (also: hit, smack, blow, whack)

لَطْمة [laṭma] {noun}

shove {noun} [coll.]

to shove {verb}

to shove {vb} (also: to squeeze, to press)

حَشَرَ [ḥašara] (أَقْحَمَ) {vb}

to shove {vb} (also: to push)

زَجَّ [zajja] (أَقْحَمَ) {vb} [fig.]

to shove {vb} (also: to drive, to push)

أَزْجى [ʼazjā] {vb}

to shove {vb} (also: to displace, to shift, to move, to push)

زَحْزَحَ [zaḥzaḥa] {vb}

to shove {vb} (also: to push, to urge on)

نَهَزَ [nahaza] {vb}

to shove (to push) {v.t.} (also: to impel, to jostle, to push, to cough up)

to shove (to put) {v.t.} [coll.] (also: to locate, to apply, to dab, to deposit)

وَضَعَ [waḍaʻa] {vb}

to shove (to put) {v.t.} [coll.] (also: to insert, to slip, to stuff)

دَسَّ [dassa] {vb}

to shove (fans, supporters) {v.i.} (also: to chase, to jostle, to press, to scramble)

تَدافَعَ [tadāfaʻa] {vb}

to shove (fans, supporters) {v.i.} (also: to huddle, to stampede, to swarm)

تَزاحَمَ [tazāḥama] {vb}


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