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English-Arabic translation for "systems"

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"systems" Arabic translation

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system {noun}

system (in computing) {noun} (also: machine, appliance, apparatus, device)

جِهاز [jihāz] {noun}

system (of humans, animals) {noun} (also: machine, appliance, apparatus, device)

جِهاز [jihāz] {noun}

system (structure) {noun} (also: regime, measure, method, order)

نِظام [niẓām] {noun}

system (technical, mechanical) {noun} (also: regime, measure, method, order)

نِظام [niẓām] {noun}

system (technical, mechanical) {noun} (also: machine, appliance, apparatus, device)

جِهاز [jihāz] {noun}

system {noun} [anat.]

جَهاز [jihāz] {noun} [anat.]

system {noun} (also: totality)

مَجْموع [majmūʻ] (جُمْلة) {noun}

system {noun}

جُمْلة [jumla] (نِظام) {noun}

system {noun} (also: apparatus)

جَهاز [jihāz] (سِلْك) {noun}

system {noun} (also: netting, lattice, mesh, grid)

شَبَكة [šabaka] {noun}

system {noun} (also: pattern, layout, format)

نَسَق [nasaq] (نِظام) {noun}

system {noun} (also: building, installation)

مُنْشَأة [munšaʼa] (أَجْهِزة) {noun}

system {noun}

مَنْظومة [manẓūma] (تَنْظيم) {noun}

system {noun} (also: program, approach)

مَنْهَج [manhaj] (نِظام) {noun}

system {noun} (also: systematics)

مَنْهَجيّة [manhajiyya] (طَريقة) {noun}

system (establishment) {noun}

system (for classification) {noun} (also: regime, measure, method, order)

نِظام [niẓām] {noun}
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Context sentences for "systems" in Arabic

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Taking into account the fact that man-portable air defence systems are easily carried, concealed, fired and, in certain circumstances, obtained,

وإذ تأخذ في اعتبارها أن منظومات الدفاع الجوي المحمولة يسهل حملها وإخفاؤها وإطلاقها، وفي ظروف معينة، يسهل الحصول عليها،

Noting the increased engagement in multilateral disarmament forums in support of further reductions to the operational status of nuclear weapons systems,

وإذ تلاحظ المشاركة المتزايدة في محافل نزع السلاح المتعددة الأطراف دعما لزيادة تخفيض الوضع التعبوي لمنظومات الأسلحة النووية،

Recognizing that effective control over man-portable air defence systems acquires special importance in the context of the intensified international fight against global terrorism,

وإذ تدرك أن الرقابة الفعالة على منظومات الدفاع الجوي المحمولة تكتسي أهمية خاصة في سياق المكافحة الدولية المكثفة للإرهاب العالمي،

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