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English-Arabic translation for "to trash"


"to trash" Arabic translation

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to trash {verb}

to trash [trashed|trashed] (to criticize) {v.t.} [coll.] (also: to blast)

to trash [trashed|trashed] (to vandalize) {v.t.} [coll.] (also: to devastate, to break, to destroy, to murder)

خَرَّبَ [ḵarraba] {vb}


trash (also: rubbish, waste, offal)

trash (also: garbage)

trash (also: waste, offal)

trash {noun}

trash (worthless items) {noun} (also: scrap, mess, offcut)

trash {noun} [Amer.] (also: rubbish)

سَقَط [saqaṭ] (قُمامة) {noun}

trash {noun} [Amer.] (also: rubbish)

سَقْط [saqaṭ] (قُمامة) {noun}

trash {noun} [Amer.] (also: waste, refuse, rubbish, garbage)

نُفاية [nufāya] {noun}

trash (refuse) {noun} [Amer.] (also: rubbish, garbage)

زُبالة [zubāla] {noun}

trash (refuse) {noun} [Amer.] (also: refuse, rubbish, litter, garbage)

قُمامة [qumāma] {noun}

trash (worthless people) {noun} [Amer.] [coll.] (also: dregs, scum)

حُثالة [ḥuṯāla] {noun}


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