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victory (also: triumph, win)
انْتِصار [intiṣār] {noun}
victory (also: predominance, prevalence, triumph)
غَلَبة [ḡalaba] {noun}
victory (also: triumph, win)
فَوْز [fawz] {noun}
victory (also: oppression, subjugation)
قَهْر [qahr] {noun} (إخْضاع)
victory (also: triumph)
مَفازة [mafāza] {noun} (فَوْز)
victory (also: triumph)
نَصْر [naṣr] {noun}

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Englishthey won a sweeping victory at the polls
فازوا فَوْزاً كاسِحاً في الانْتِخاباتِ
EnglishGod grant you victory over your enemies!
اللهُ يَنْصُرُكُمْ على أَعْدائِكُمْ!
Englishthe team was ecstatic about the victory
كانَ الفَريقُ مُنْتَشِياً بالنَصْرِ
Englishthey look on course for victory
يَبْدو أَنَّهُمْ في طَريقِهِمْ إلى الفَوْزِ
Englishto concede victory to the opposition
أَقَرَّ للمُعارَضةِ بالغَلَبةِ
Englishthe king, may God give him the victory
المَلِك، نَصَرَهُ اللهُ
Englishto achieve an overwhelming victory
حَقَّقَ انْتِصاراً ساحِقاً
Englishhe was gloating over his victory
كانَ يَتَباهى بِفَوْزِهِ
Englishlet's rejoice at our victory
دَعْنا نَفْرَحُ بالفَوْزِ
Englishto win a victory over an opponent
Englishhe led the team to victory
قادَ الفَريقَ إلى الفَوْزِ
Englishthey are certain of victory
هُمْ واثِقونَ من النَصْرِ
Englishto fight for victory
قاتَلَ من أَجْلِ الفَوْزِ
Englishto sweep to victory
‫حَقَّقَ نَصْراً كاسِحاً‬
Englishto celebrate the victory
EnglishThis is your victory.
EnglishOur victory is secure.