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English-Arabic translation for "to voice"


"to voice" Arabic translation

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to voice {verb}

to voice [voiced|voiced] {vb} (also: to say, to utter)

to voice [voiced|voiced] {vb} (also: to say, to utter, to mouth, to spit)

تَفَوَّهَ [tafawwaha] {vb}

to voice [voiced|voiced] (speaker, a consonant, sound) {v.t.}

to voice [voiced|voiced] (to express) {v.t.} [form.] (also: to air, to bare, to convey, to express)

عَبَّرَ [ʻabbara] {vb}

voice {noun}

voice {noun}

عَقيرة [ʻaqīra] {noun}

voice {noun} (also: accent)

لَهْجة [lahja] (طَريقة نُطْقٍ) {noun}

voice {noun}

نَبْرة [nabra] (صَوْت) {noun}

voice (channel) {noun} (also: audio, voice, sound, sounding)

صَوْت [ṣawt] {noun}

voice (for singing) {noun} (also: audio, voice, sound, sounding)

صَوْت [ṣawt] {noun}

voice (in grammar) {noun} (also: tense)

voice (in speech) {noun} (also: audio, voice, sound, sounding)

صَوْت [ṣawt] {noun}

voice (opinion) {noun} (also: audio, sound, sounding, voice)

صَوْت [ṣawt] {noun}

voice {noun} [ling.] (also: tense, form)

صيغة [ṣīḡa] {noun} [ling.]

voice {adjective}

voice {adj.} (also: vocalic, vocal, audio, sound)

صَوْتيّ [ṣawtiyy] (سَمْعيّ) {adj.}


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