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"white" Arabic translation

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white {adjective}

white (with milk) {adj.} [Brit.]

white (Caucasian) {adj.} (also: bloodless, Caucasian, white)

أَبْيَض [ʼabyaḍ] {adj.}

The dog is white.

إن الكلب أبيض.

Ken's dog is white.

كلب كين أبيض.

white (paint, shirt, hair) {adj.} (also: bloodless, Caucasian, white)

أَبْيَض [ʼabyaḍ] {adj.}

white (pale) {adj.} (also: pasty, colorless, colourless, dull)

شاحِب [šāḥib] {adj.}

as white as a sheet

شاحِب الوَجْهِ

white {noun}

white (Caucasian) {noun} (also: white, a white person)

أَبْيَض [ʼabyaḍ] {noun}

white (colour) {noun} (also: white, a white person)

أَبْيَض [ʼabyaḍ] {noun}

white (in chess, draughts) {noun}

white (of an egg) {noun} (also: whiteness, fairness, white)

بَياض [bayāḍ] {noun}

white (of the eye) {noun} (also: whiteness, fairness, white)

بَياض [bayāḍ] {noun}

white (wine) {noun}



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it has a distinctive white mark on its head

عِنْدَها بُقْعةٌ بَيْضاءُ مُمَيَّزةٌ على رَأْسِها

the West Wing of the White House

الجَناح الغَرْبيّ للبَيْتِ الأَبْيَضِ

she went white when she saw him

أَصْبَحَ لَوْنُها شاحِباً عِنْدَما رَأَتْهُ

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

الأَميرة والأَقْزام السَبْعة

he was as white as a sheet

كانَ لَوْنُهُ أَصْفَرَ مِثْلَ الكُرْكُمِ

She wore a white dress.

كانت ترتدي فستاناً أبيضاً.

he suddenly went white

شَحَبَ وَجْهُهُ فَجْأةً

dressed all in white

يَرْتَدي مَلابِسَ كُلُّها بَيْضاءُ

I want it in black and white

أُريدُهُ كِتابيًّا

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