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art {noun}

art {noun}

[yì] {noun}

art {noun} [art]

艺术学 [yì shù xué] {noun} [art]

art {pl}

艺术 [yì shù] {pl}

National Council on Cultural and Art Work for Children


China Federation of Literary and Art Circles


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York city, USA


commercial art gallery manager


art for art's sake


art {pl}

美术 [měi shù] {pl}

game art designer


BAA (Bachelor of Art and Architecture)


art {pl}

技术 [jì shù] {pl}

art {pl}

技艺 [jì yì] {pl}

art {noun} (also: liberal arts)

文科 [wén kē] {noun}

bachelor of art


art {noun}

人文学科 [rén wén xué kē] {noun}

art {noun} (also: beaux-arts)

美术 [měishù] {noun}

art {noun} (also: arts, fine art, objet d'art)

艺术 [yìshù] {noun}

art {noun} (also: artwork)

艺术品 [yìshùpǐn] {noun}

art {noun} (also: technology, technique, science, craftsmanship)

技术 [jìshù] {noun}

art {noun} (also: subtlety, handiness, skill, skills)

巧妙 [qiǎomiào] {noun}

art {noun}

人文学科 [rén wén xué kē] {pl}

art {noun}

文科 [wén kē] {pl}

art {noun} (also: workmanship, trick, technique, craft)

技巧 [jì qiǎo] {noun}


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