artist: creative person

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avant-garde artist

Productive idleness:

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artist {noun}

artist {noun} (also: drawer, painter, Byzantine, drawers)

画家 [huàjiā] {noun}

artist {noun} (also: expert, master, fiend, artiste)

能手 [néngshǒu] {noun}

artist {noun} (also: a knight of the brush)

美术家 [měishùjiā] {noun}

artist {noun} (also: master, craftsman)

艺术家 [yìshùjiā] {noun}

artist {noun} (also: drawer, painter, Byzantine, drawers)

画家 [huàjiā] {noun}

artist {noun}

擅长技艺者 [shàn chánɡ jì yì zhě] {noun}


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