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cute {adjective}

cute {adj.} (also: saucy, stylish, spiffy, personable)

漂亮的 [piào liɑnɡ de] {adj.}

cute {adj.} (also: pretty, adorable, likable, mignon)

可爱的 [kě ài de] {adj.}

cute {adj.} (also: wise, sapient, bright, brainy)

聪明的 [cōnɡ mínɡ de] {adj.}

cute {adj.} (also: sapient, bright, nifty, clever)

伶俐的 [línɡ li de] {adj.}

cute {adj.} (also: pretentious, mincing, cutest, cuter)

装腔作势的 [zhuānɡ qiānɡ zuò shì de] {adj.}

cute {adj.} (also: clever, lovely)

乖巧 [ɡuāi qiǎo] {adj.}


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