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English-Chinese translation for "debenture"


"debenture" Chinese translation

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debenture {noun}

debenture {noun} (also: bond)

债券 [zhàiquàn] {noun}

debenture {noun} (also: IOU)

借据 [jiè jù] {noun}

debenture {noun}

公司债券 [gōngsīzhàiquàn] {noun}

debenture {noun}

无抵押品的债券 [wú dǐ yā pǐn de zhài quàn] {noun}

debenture {noun}

(海关)退税凭单 [( hǎi ɡuān ) tuì shuì pínɡ dān] {noun}

debenture {noun}

信用债券 [xìn yònɡ zhài quàn] {noun}
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