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distinct: clear-cut · trenchant · decided

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English-Chinese translation for "distinctiveness"

Showing results for "distinct". "distinctiveness" is currently not in our dictionary.

"distinctiveness" Chinese translation

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distinct {adjective}

distinct {adj.} (also: unequivocal, unambiguous, tangible, specific)

明确的 [mínɡ què de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.} (also: veritable, positive, authentic, indubitable)

确实的 [què shí de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.} (also: various, variant, unlike, unequal)

不同的 [bù tónɡ de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.} (also: precise, legible, definite, clear)

清楚的 [qīnɡ chu de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.} (also: visible, unmistakable, transparent, sensible)

明显的 [mínɡ xiǎn de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.}

截然不同的 [jié rán bù tónɡ de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.} (also: distinguishing)

有区别的 [yǒu qū bié de] {adj.}

distinct {adj.} (also: unique, peculiar, inimitable, picturesque)

独特的 [dú tè de] {adj.}
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