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English-Chinese translation for "free"


"free" Chinese translation

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free {adjective}

free {adj.} (also: gratis, gratuitous, cost-free)

免费的 [miǎn fèi de] {adj.}

free {adj.} (also: wealthy, prolific, profuse, prodigal)

丰富的 [fēnɡ fù de] {adj.}

free {adj.} (also: unconventional, liberal, disengaged, available)

自由的 [zì yóu de] {adj.}

free {adj.} (also: duty-free, duty free)

免税的 [miǎn shuì de] {adj.}

free {adj.} (also: liberal, decent, gracious, generous)

大方的 [dà fānɡ de] {adj.}

free {adj.}

无偿 [wúcháng] {adj.}

free {adj.}

免去的 [miǎn qù de] {adj.}

free {adj.} (also: unrestrained)

  [màn] {adj.}

free {adj.} (also: vacant, idle, unoccupied, off)

空闲的 [kònɡ xián de] {adj.}

free {adj.}

免于 释放 [miǎn yú shì fànɡ] {adj.}

to free {verb}

to free [freed|freed] {vb} (also: to waive, to absolve, to exonerate, to dispense with)

免除 [miǎnchú] {vb}

to free [freed|freed] {vb} (also: to liberate, to loose)

使自由 [shǐzìyóu] {vb}

to free [freed|freed] {vb} (also: to unloose, to unleash, to unchain, to liberate)

释放 [shìfàng] {vb}

to set free



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