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English-Chinese translation for "get"


"get" Chinese translation

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get {verb}

get [got|got] {vb}

患(病) [huàn ( bìnɡ )] {vb}

get [got|got] {vb} (also: to arrive, to reach, arriving, arrived)

抵达 [dǐdá] {vb}

get [got|got] {vb} (also: to become, to get, to come, to go into)

变得 [biànde] {vb}

get [got|got] {vb} (also: to bring, bring, bringing)

拿来 [nálái] {vb}

get [got|got] {vb} (also: to receive, receive, to tune in to, to receipt)

收到 [shōudào] {vb}

get [got|got] {vb} (also: to receive, to obtain, to find, to get)

得到 [dédào] {vb}

to get wind


to get hold of


to get {verb}

to get [got|got] {vb}

  得来 [dé lái] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to receive, to obtain, to find, to arrive)

得到 [dédào] {vb}

to get wind


to get hold of


to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to reap, to realize, to procure, to achieve)

获得 [huò dé] {vb}

to get a foot in the door


to get out of


get on with


get hold of


to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to receive)

[dé] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb}

受到(惩罚,打击等) [shòu dào ( chénɡ fá, dǎ jī děnɡ )] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to seize, to captivate, to fasten, to clutch)

抓住 [zhuāzhù] {vb}

get hold of


to get hold of


to get [got|got] {vb}

染上 [rǎnshàng] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb}

打击等) [dǎ jī děnɡ )] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb}

受到(惩罚 [shòu dào ( chénɡ fá] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to earn, earn, to bring in)

挣得 [zhēngdé] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to reap, to gather, harvest, reap)

收获 [shōuhuò] {vb}

to get in


to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to become, to go, to fall, to turn)

变成 [biànchéng] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to recover, to procure, to garner, to attain)

取得 [qǔdé] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to be, to fetch, to come, to arrive)

到达 [dàodá] {vb}

to get at


to get in


to get through


to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to become, to go, to commence, to come)

成为 [chéngwéi] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to become, to come, get, to go into)

变得 [biànde] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to render, to make)

使得 [shǐ dé] {vb}

to get [got|got] {vb} (also: to reproduce, to recommend, to have, to transform)

使 [shǐ] {vb}

to get across


to get [got|got] {vb}

拿到 [nádào] {vb}


Synonyms (English) for "get":

© Princeton Universitybeget · engender · father · mother · sire · generate · bring forth · suffer · sustain · have · contract · take · grow · develop · produce · acquire · make · let · become · go


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