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integrated {adjective}

integrated {adj.} (also: comprehensive, synthetic, complex, overall)

综合的 [yí zhì] {adj.}

integrated {adj.} (also: incorporate)

一体化的 [yì tǐ huà de] {adj.}

integrated {adj.}

整合的 [zhěnɡ hé de] {adj.}

integrated {adj.} (also: undivided, unbroken, integral, intact)

完整的 [wán zhěnɡ de] {adj.}

integrate {verb}

integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to integrate, to knit, to join, to merge)

结合 [jiéhé] {vb}
求... 的积分 [qiú... de jī fēn] {vb}

integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to integrate)

使一体化 [shǐyītǐhuà] {vb}

integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to integrate)

使成整体 [shǐ chénɡ zhénɡ tǐ] {vb}
一体化 [yītǐhuà] {vb}

integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to unite, to consolidate, to connect, to combine)

联合 [liánhé] {vb}

to integrate {verb}

使进入 [shǐ jìn rù] {vb}
求的积分 [qiú de jī fēn] {vb}
(使)成为一体 [( shǐ ) chénɡ wéi yì tǐ] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to integrate, to hold together, to inosculate)

使结合 [shǐjiéhé] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to coalesce, to merge)

使合并 [shǐ hé bìnɡ] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: integrate)

使一体化 [shǐyītǐhuà] {vb}
使完整 [shǐwánzhěng] {vb}
使成为一体 [shǐ chénɡ wéi yì tǐ] {vb}
使成为整体 [shǐ chénɡ wéi zhénɡ tǐ] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to conform)

整合 [zhěnghé] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to unify, to unify)

使成一体 [shǐ chénɡ yì tǐ] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: integrate)

使成整体 [shǐ chénɡ zhénɡ tǐ] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to evaluate)

  [qiú] {vb}
(使)合并 [( shǐ ) hé bìnɡ] {vb}
求 的积分 [qiú de jī fēn] {vb}

to integrate [integrated|integrated] {vb} (also: to knit, to join, to merge, to conjoin)

结合 [jiéhé] {vb}
(使)结合在一起 [( shǐ ) jié hé zài yì qǐ] {vb}


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