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orientation {noun}

orientation {noun} (also: way, bearings, bearing, directions)

方向 [fāngxiàng] {noun}

orientation {noun} (also: positioning, localization, location)

定位 [dìngwèi] {noun}

orientation {noun}

向东 [xiànɡ dōnɡ] {noun}

orientation {noun} (also: adjustment, adaption, adaptation, accommodation)

适应 [shìyìng] {noun}

orientation {noun} (also: knowledge, familiarity, intimacy, conversance)

熟悉 [shú xī] {noun}

orientation {noun}

方向(位) [fānɡ xiànɡ ( wèi )] {noun}

orientation {noun}

介绍性指导 [jiè shào xìnɡ zhí dǎo] {noun}

orientation {noun} (also: SONG (Satellite for Orientation, Navigation and Geodesy))

定向 [dìnɡ xiànɡ] {noun}

SONG (Satellite for Orientation, Navigation and Geodesy)


orientation {noun}

取向 [qǔxiàng] {noun}

orientation {noun}

向东方 [xiànɡ dōnɡ fānɡ] {noun}

orientation {noun}

倾向性 [qīngxiàngxìng] {noun}

orientation {noun} (also: bearings, bearing, direction, azimuth)

方位 [fāngwèi] {noun}

orient {noun}

orient {noun}

远东 [yuǎndōng] {noun}

orient {noun} (also: Asia)

亚洲 [yà zhōu] {noun}

orient {noun}

东方诸国(指地中海以东各国) [dōnɡ fānɡ zhū ɡuó ( zhǐ dì zhōnɡ hǎi yǐ dōnɡ ɡè ɡuó )] {noun}

orient {noun} (also: east)

[dōng] {noun}

orient {noun} (also: sunrise, east, morn)

东方 [dōngfāng] {noun}


Synonyms (English) for "orientation":

Synonyms (English) for "orient":


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