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English-Chinese translation for "play"


"play" Chinese translation

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play {noun}

play {noun} (also: sport, game, playing, plays)

游戏 [yóuxì] {noun}

play {noun} (also: tournament, race, matches, match)

比赛 [bǐ sài] {noun}

ball in play


play {noun} (also: scripts, script, scenario, drama)

剧本 [jùběn] {noun}

play {noun} (also: theatre, theater, stage, drama)

戏剧 [xìjù] {noun}

against the run of play


play {noun} (also: programme, action, activity, operation)

活动 [huódòng] {noun}

to come into play


play {noun} (also: part, process, action, impact)

作用 [zuòyòng] {noun}

play a part in


to play an important role


to play a part (in)


play {noun}

[wán] {noun}

play {noun} (also: sport, campaign, athletics, drive)

运动 [yùn dònɡ] {noun}

play {noun} (also: wagering, wager, betting, gaming)

赌博 [dǔbó] {noun}

play {noun} (also: drama)

[xì] {noun}

play {noun}

打球 玩耍 [dǎ qiú wán shuǎ] {noun}

to play {verb}

打球 玩耍 [dǎ qiú wán shuǎ] {vb}

to play [played|played] {vb} (also: playing, played)

进行比赛 [jìn xínɡ bǐ sài] {vb}

to play [played|played] {vb} (also: to broadcast, playing, played)

播放 [bòfàng] {vb}
[zòu] {vb} [oldfsh.]
[xī] {vb}
游乐 [yóulè] {vb}
游玩 [yóuwán] {vb}
玩儿 [wánr] {vb}
  玩玩 [wán wán] {vb}
[shuǎ] {vb}

to play [played|played] {vb} (also: playing, played)

[wán] {vb}
游戏 [yóu xì] {vb}

to play [played|played] {vb} (also: to execute)

演奏 [yǎnzòu] {vb}

to play an instrument


to play [played|played] {vb} (also: to represent, to simulate, to portray, to impersonate)

扮演 [bànyǎn] {vb}


Synonyms (English) for "play":

© Princeton Universitytoy · act · act as · dally · trifle · meet · encounter · take on · bet · wager · fiddle · diddle · bring · work · wreak · make for · run · represent · roleplay · playact


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