ruler {noun}
支配者 · 尺子 · 统治者 · 管理者 · 划线人 · 直尺 ·  ·  · (直)尺

to rule {verb}
裁定 · 裁决 · 支配 · 控制 · 统治 · 规定

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ruler: rule · swayer

rule: harness · rein · decree

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English-Chinese translation for "ruler"


"ruler" Chinese translation

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ruler {noun}

ruler {noun} (also: dominator)

支配者 [zhīpèizhě] {noun}

ruler {noun}

尺子 [chǐzi] {noun}

ruler {noun} (also: potentate, governor, lord, rulers)

统治者 [tǒngzhìzhē] {noun}

ruler {noun} (also: superintendent, administrator, caretaker, governor)

管理者 [guǎnlǐzhě] {noun}

ruler {noun}

划线人 [huá xiàn rén] {noun}

ruler {noun} (also: rulers)

直尺 [zhíchǐ] {noun}

ruler {noun} (also: gentleman, lord, monarch, don)

  [jūn] {noun}

ruler {noun} (also: rulers)

  [chǐ] {noun}

ruler {noun}

(直)尺 [( zhí ) chǐ] {noun}

to rule {verb}

to rule [ruled|ruled] {vb} (also: to adjudicate, to arbitrate)

裁定 [cáidìng] {vb}

to rule [ruled|ruled] {vb} (also: to decide, to find, to arbitrate, decide)

裁决 [cáijué] {vb}

to rule [ruled|ruled] {vb} (also: to wield, to predominate, to administrate, to dominate)

支配 [zhīpèi] {vb}

to rule [ruled|ruled] {vb} (also: to wield, to restrain, to regulate, to predominate)

控制 [kòngzhì] {vb}

to rule [ruled|ruled] {vb} (also: to predominate, to dominate, to govern, govern)

统治 [tǒngzhì] {vb}

to rule [ruled|ruled] {vb} (also: to regulate, to stipulate, to prescribe, to define)

规定 [guīdìng] {vb}


Synonyms (English) for "ruler":

Synonyms (English) for "rule":


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