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English-Chinese translation for "scolding"


"scolding" Chinese translation

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scolding {noun}

scolding {noun} (also: vituperation, trimming, rating, abuse)

责骂 [zé mà] {noun}

scolding {noun} (also: wigging, objurgation)

叱责 [chìzé] {noun}

scold {noun}

scold {noun}

老爱责骂的人 [lǎo ài zé mà de rén] {noun}

scold {verb}

scold {vb} (also: to rebuke, to scold, to reprimand, to drop into)

训斥 [xùnchì] {vb}

scold {vb} (also: to vituperate, to reprove, to chide, to upbraid)

责骂 [zémà] {vb}

to scold {verb}

to scold {vb}

  [mà] {vb}

to scold {vb} (also: to rebuke, to reprimand, scold, to drop into)

训斥 [xùnchì] {vb}

to scold {vb} (also: to vituperate, to reprove, to chide, to upbraid)

责骂 [zémà] {vb}

to scold {vb}

  呵责 [hēzé] {vb}

to scold {vb} (also: to reprehend, to denounce, to chide, to rebuke)

斥责 [chìzé] {vb}

to scold {vb} (also: to castigate, to berate, to reproach, to objurgate)

申斥 [shēnchì] {vb}


Synonyms (English) for "scolding":

Synonyms (English) for "scold":


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