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English-Chinese translation for "specialize"


"specialize" Chinese translation

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specialize {verb}

specialize {vb} (also: to specialize, specialise)

专门研究 [zhuān mén yán jiū] {vb}

specialize {vb} (also: to specialize, to major, specialise, specializing)

专攻 [zhuān gōng] {vb}

specialize {vb} (also: specialise)

专营 [zhuānyíng] {vb}

to specialize {verb}

to specialize {vb} (also: to major, specialize, specialise, specializing)

专攻 [zhuān gōng] {vb}

to specialize {vb} (also: specialize, specialise)

专门研究 [zhuān mén yán jiū] {vb}
专业化 [zhuān yè huà] {vb}
使专化 [shǐ zhuān huà] {vb}
专门 [zhuān mén] {vb}
成为专家 [chénɡ wéi zhuān jiā] {vb}
使适应特殊目的 [shǐ shì yìnɡ tè shū mù dì] {vb}
使专用于 [shǐ zhuān yònɡ yú] {vb}

special {noun}

special {noun} (also: specials)

专刊 [zhuānkān] {noun}

special {noun} (also: specialness, exception, particular)

特殊 [téshú] {noun}

a highly compressed special particle board


winner of special government allowance


special somatic afferent nucleus


special vesceral afferent nucleus


special visceral motor nucleus


special {noun} (also: specials)

特派员 [tèpàiyuán] {noun}

special {noun} (also: specials)

专车 [zhuānchē] {noun}

special {adjective}

special {adj.} (also: peculiar, particular, idiosyncratic, especial)

特殊的 [tè shū de] {adj.}

special {adj.} (also: professional, specialized, expert, express)

专门的 [zhuān mén de] {adj.}

special {adj.} (also: extra, additive, additional, attached)

附加的 [fù jiā de] {adj.}

special {adj.} (also: extra, extraneous, extraordinary, additional)

额外的 [mǒ diào] {adj.}

special {adj.} (also: remarkable, sublime, peculiar, prodigious)

异常的 [yì chánɡ de] {adj.}

special {adj.} (also: very, particular, especial, extraordinary)

特别的 [tè bié de] {adj.}

Wishing you every happiness on your special day.


special {adj.}

[zhuān] {adj.}

special {adj.}

  [shū] {adj.}


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Synonyms (English) for "special":


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