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"specifics" Chinese translation

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specifics {noun}

specifics {noun}

细小问题 [xì xiǎo wèn tí] {noun}

specifics {noun} (also: specifics, detail, specific, particular)

细节 [xìjié] {noun}

specifics {noun}

具体内容 [jù tǐ nèi rónɡ] {noun}

specifics {pl} (also: detail, specific, particular, specifics)

细节 [xìjié] {noun}

specifics {pl} (also: specific)

特效药 [tè xiào yào] {noun}

specific {adjective}

specific {adj.}

特指的 [tè zhǐ de] {adj.}

specific {adj.} (also: unequivocal, unambiguous, tangible, positive)

明确的 [mínɡ què de] {adj.}

specific {adj.} (also: particular, specified, given)

特定的 [tè dìnɡ de] {adj.}

specific {adj.} (also: peculiar, typical, characteristic, proper)

特有的 [bāo hán de dōnɡ xi] {adj.}

specific {adj.}

特有 [tèyǒu] {adj.}

specific {adj.} (also: concrete, material)

具体的 [jù tǐ de] {adj.}

specific {noun}

specific {noun} (also: specifics)

特效药 [tè xiào yào] {noun}

specific {noun} (also: specifics, detail, particular, minutia)

细节 [xìjié] {noun}

specific {noun} (also: concrete, definite)

具体 [jù tǐ] {noun}


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