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Enter an English word or phrase in the search bar to find it in the English-Esperanto dictionary. You are also welcome to input new words in English that you would like translated into Esperanto. There are many options to expand and filter your search as well. Esperanto is the most widely used constructed language in the world, and was created as an international standard transcending countries, cultures, and political barriers.

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We want to create the world’s largest free online dictionary. The English-Esperanto dictionary is continuously growing, and in order for new user-contributed Esperanto words and phrases to be included they need approval. You can help by voting for the translations you consider correct, or by making suggestions for necessary changes to the grammar, spelling, or wording for those you feel are incorrect.






piss {noun} [coll.]

piso {noun} [coll.]



no news is good news [idiom]

neniu novaĵo estas bona novaĵo [idiom]



limbless {adj.} [med.]

senbraka {adj.} [med.]



thalydomide {o.sg.} [med.]

talidomido {o.sg.} [med.]



thalydomide {adj.} [med.]

talidomida {adj.} [med.]


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Parts of the English-Esperanto dictionary are based on ESPDIC. Thank you!

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