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English-French translation for "am forwarding"

Infinitive of am forwarding: forward

"am forwarding" French translation

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forward {noun}

forward {noun} [sports]

avant {m} [sports]

forward {noun} [bus.] (also: future)

contrat à terme {m} [bus.]

forward {adverb}

forward {adv.} (also: ahead, on, onwards, forwards)

en avant {adv.}

forward {adv.}

de devant {adv.}

forward {adjective}

forward {adj.} (also: late-stage, advanced)

avancé {adj. m}

forward {adj.} (also: premature, early, precocious)

précoce {adj. m/f}

forward {adj.} (also: insolent, brash, brazen, cheeky)

effronté {adj. m}

forward {adj.} (also: smart)

déluré {adj. m} [coll.]

forward {adj.} (also: smart)

délurée {adj. f} [coll.]

forward {interjection}

forward {interj.} (also: attack)

à l'attaque {interj.}

to forward {verb}

to forward [forwarded|forwarded] {vb} (also: to beam, to hand down, to hand on, to convey)

I am forwarding (Present continuous)

je transmets (Indicatif présent)

to forward [forwarded|forwarded] {vb} (also: to readdress, to redirect, to send on, to post on)

to forward [forwarded|forwarded] {vb} (also: to dispatch, to convey)

I am forwarding (Present continuous)

j'achemine (Indicatif présent)

to forward [forwarded|forwarded] {vb} (also: to knock off, to consign, to despatch, to dispatch)

I am forwarding (Present continuous)

j'expédie (Indicatif présent)

I am forwarding (Present continuous)

je réexpédie (Indicatif présent)

I am forwarding (Present continuous)

je transfére (Indicatif présent)


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I am forwarding this letter to you with the concurrence of the Sixth Committee.

Je vous adresse la présente lettre avec l'assentiment de la Sixième Commission.

I am forwarding, herewith, the communiqué adopted by the Peace and Security Council for your information.

Je vous fais tenir ci-joint pour information le communiqué adopté par le Conseil de paix et de sécurité.

I am forwarding a copy of this memorandum to the Ethics Counsellor and the Clerk of the Privy Council so that they are aware of this situation.

Je fais parvenir copie de la présente note au conseiller en éthique et au greffier du Conseil privé pour qu'ils soient au courant de la situation.

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