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clean it
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clean adjective
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it pronoun
to it pronoun
IT noun

Context sentences for "clean it" in French

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EnglishI'll have to come clean
Englishoven with self-clean linings
Englishto be clean as a new pin
Englishto clean out the dead wood
Englishto clean up one's act
Englishto have a clean sheet
Englishto keep one's nose clean
EnglishA new besom sweeps clean
Englishto clean someone's clock
Englishclean as a whistle
Englishclean and free
Englisha clean bill of health
Englishclean bill of health
Englisha new broom sweeps clean
Englishas clean as a whistle
Englishto make a clean breast of sth
Englishto make a clean sweep of